Below are the Frequently Asked Questions asked about Sikapa Credit Union . Kindly Contact us if your question is still not answered.

Sikapa is an online banking platform managed by Sikapa Credit Union. The objective of the platform is to help member save with ease, from the comfort of their home or work place without the hassle and bustle of traffic congestion through the use of mobile money, visa and other electronic payment systems. It is also aimed at providing a convenient way for members to manage their current financial resources and future financial needs with ease.

The online banking platform also empowers members to go cashless by paying them bonuses and commission for using electronic means of savings and also encouraging their family members, friends and associates to join the union and by using mobile money and visa cards for all their financial transactions. The reward to members who join the union for their effort in encouraging others to save using mobile money, visa cards and other forms of electronic payment systems is based on their effort. The larger your family, the larger your bonus and commission.

A member must be 18 years and above at the time of signing onto the platform. Minors or Children below the age of 18 years shall require the consent of their parent/ guardians who shall stand as trustees for the minor in all transactions.

Sikapa pays you whiles you save and gives you commissions and bonuses as you encourage others to save with Sikapa using mobile money and visa cards. We empower you cash wise to go cashless. By signing up and by introducing five (5) peoples to also sign up and become members and your members also bringing in five (5) members each, Sikapa pays for your effort as your family size increase on daily, weekly and monthly. Huge annual bonus is paid as well as other periodic award prices.

Sikapa is managed by Sikapa Credit Union. Sikapa Credit Union is a respected credit union or Non-Bank financial institution, a member of the Ghana Credit Union Association. Its operations are regulated by the Bank of Ghana, through the credit union apex body CUA and the department of Co-operatives. Sikapa offers a convenient and competitive rate on your savings, with an interest of up to 17% annually. This product allows you to save little by little and provides access to your accounts information at all times using your mobile phone. You are also allowed to take loan at the convenience of your home and also allows you to guarantee loan for other member.

  • Download the SIKAPA mobile application on your android smart phone and register by filling in the required details; or
  • Log on to to complete the registration; or
  • Contact call center Agent by dialing ...........(toll free) to be signed up.

Through Sikapa member to take your details and sign you on to the platform

You need to provide the following information about yourself:

  1. Phone number
  2. Name
  3. National ID: Voter ID, Driving License, Passport, National ID
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Residential Address
  6. Occupation
  7. Hometown
  8. Next of Kin
  9. Address of Next of Kin
  10. Phone number of Next of Kin

No, you can join through any of the methods indicated above. Or you may Call ......(toll free) for a Field Sales agent to assist you.


At most Ten (10) minutes if the required information is ready.

Yes. However, each account shall require a different mobile number to activate.

Yes, you can save for others provided you have their consent and phone numbers.

Yes, but you need to make an initial deposit to pay for the minimum shareholding to secure your membership and also to activate your account for the affiliate program bonuses and commissions.

You can deposit into your account using any of the following methods:

  • Through mobile money and any visa card accredited platform
  • Paying from your mobile money wallet (Mtn mobile money)
  • Depositing through mobile money merchants (Mtn mobile money)

No, there is absolutely no charge on your accounts except for premature redemption, withdrawal or termination of any policy shall also attract a token fee


Check your balance using the Sikapa mobile application, website or by phoning the Call Center on ....... (toll free) across all networks.


One Ghana Cedi (GHS 1.00) after the payment for shares and affiliate program. However investment shall be a minimum of Ghs100.00

One Ghana Cedi (GHS 1.00) after the entrance fee and payment for the membership shares. However investment shall be a minimum of Ghs100.00

Ten Ghana Cedis (GHS 10.00) on your savings accounts. However the balance on your shares account shall yield dividends at the end of the year based on the profit made for the year and decision of members as to how much dividend should be paid.

Minimum of GHS 100.00 and a maximum of 20% of the total shares outstanding at any point in time.

Interest (2% above T’Bill rate) is applied on quarterly basis to your investment and 10% per annum on savings accounts

No, interest rates may change in relation to prevailing market conditions and shall be communicated to member whenever the need arises.

Yes, there is a 50% penalty deduction on the interest earned on your investment for early termination.

It takes up to three (3) working days to process a termination request.

Withdrawal from your wallet is instant through the cash out section on the platform. Transfers from one accounts into another members accounts is instant and can be done by members through their account to account transfer section.

Yes you can. A member is allowed to borrow up to 90% of savings balance or up to 5 times savings balance with guarantee from other members.

You need to contribute for at least three (3) months to qualify for a loan.

You can apply for a loan by: Applying through the Sikapa mobile app, online platform or by Contacting our Call Centre on ……………………………..

It takes a maximum of twenty four (24) hours to process and disburse your loan application if the loan is within the savings balance and the application meet the required criteria. Where loans are more than the savings balance, the application shall be approved after you have received other members approval to lend or guarantee your application.


It takes a maximum of forty eight (48) hours to process and disburse your loan application if the loan is within the savings balance and the application meet the required criteria. Where loans are more than the savings balance, the application shall be approve after you have received other members approval to lend or guarantee your application.

No, there is no charge on disbursed loans within savings balance. Loans above savings balance shall attract a processing fee of 2%.

You pay a monthly interest of 2.5% on a loan.

Loan repayment period basically depends on the size of the loan, however, the maximum repayment period shall be 36 months. Your savings accounts as a collateral, the purpose of the loan and others members guarantee shall be taken into consideration.

Repayment of loans shall be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the agreed terms and conditions with the borrower.

Yes, you can still save when you have a loan.

Savings account earns at least 10% per annum. The investment account also earns more than 2% above the prevailing Treasury Bill rate per annum.

Shares Accounts attract dividend but not interest. Dividend on shares shall be paid at the end of each accounting year as approved by members at the annual general meeting (AGM).

Yes you can but you first need to officially notify Sikapa Credit Union and the union shall disseminate your offer to the members, however, if no one accepts the offer within three (3) working days Sikapa shall then adopt your shares at 25% discount.